Bonded Warehouses

Companies manufacture around the world, so they need storage services in all of their key markets. Short- and long-term storage enables manufacturers to capitalize on growing demand, rightsize shipments to market needs, and assemble components and inventory for mission-critical projects. Best of all, they only pay for the warehousing services when and where they need them.


  • Bonded warehouses in Miami and the Colon Free Zone of Panama City.
  • The ability to ensure individual shipments up to $1M USD.
  • The option to blend bonded cargo and domestic cargo due to our IBEC license.
  • Bunkers with double-steel reinforced cages to protect goods.
  • Track-and-trace technology to provide real-time visibility into merchandise locations and movement.
  • Company-owned trucks with GPS units and preplanned routes to protect goods against theft and diversion.


Client: A diamond blade manufacturer


A casino operator in Venezuela.


  • The operator’s permits for gambling machines were about to expire.
  • Replacing the machines would be extremely costly.
  • Shipping goods overseas to a conventional warehouse would result in their seizure upon reentry into the country.


  • Buy time for the operator to go through the re-permitting process.
  • Load all gambling machines into containers and ship them to Panama.
  • Store inventory in our bonded warehouse.


  • Return merchandise to operator when it was legally able to accept them.
  • Total hold and transit time was 21 days.
  • Using our container freight and bonded warehouse services was substantially less expensive than replacing merchandise.

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